“I promised you that I would always fight for the conservative values we share. I’ve kept my promises by standing my ground and supporting legislation that protects the unborn, protects 2nd Amendment rights, strengthens our election process to best in the nation, protects religious liberty, and fought wasteful spending, while fighting to keep our taxes low. I sincerely ask for your vote and your support.”

Tim Rudd was born in St Petersburg Florida and has lived in Tennessee since he was three years old. He was raised in Murfreesboro and Smyrna. Tim was taught to be civic minded and has volunteered with numerous local civic organizations and charities including St Jude’s Children’s Hospital Bike-A-Thon, Salvation Army Toy Drive, Rotary Club Rodeo Fundraisers and Habitat for Humanity’s home building projects. He was also a Cub Scout and a member of the Boy Scouts.

The Courage to Take a Stand. The Leadership To See It Through.

I have consistently been recognized among the most conservative legislators by American Conservative Union, Americans for Prosperity, and Club for Growth. I have supported conservative policies that have resulted in a record of unparalleled success for Tennessee…

  • Fought against higher taxes and supported over $2 billion in tax cuts
  • Voted for Senior Property Tax relief
  • Opposed hundreds of millions in wasteful spending
  • Co-sponsored sweeping pro-life legislation
  • Supported 2nd amendment rights and open carry
  • Sponsored legislation protecting people of faith from discrimination
  • Voted to end the horrible practice of “transgender” child mutilation
  • Fought to keep boys out of girls’ sports and locker-rooms
  • Supported legislation keeping men out of women’s restrooms
  • Led the fight to make Tennessee’s election process the most secure in the country
  • Passed protections against Covid-19 discrimination
  • Eliminated vehicle emissions testing
  • Supported the TISA Education Reform that increases funding to Rutherford County schools by over $50 million
  • More than $140 million for increased school safety and school resource officers
  • Secured tens of millions for improved highways and infrastructure in Rutherford County
  • Tennessee is consistently ranked among the states with the lowest debt, the lowest taxes, the best places to retire, and among the best managed states in America.

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